All machines are connected to the Mystery Jackpot multilevel system.

Novostar SL
Super-V+ Gaminator®
There are lots of people who like to play on slot-machines of play halls.
Why to visit us?
We Play Fair
This is our principle. Only and exceptionally authentic, firm gaming equipment of the leading European "Austrian Gaming Industries" GmbH is set up in our hall.
The whole gaming equipment and software is marked up with the protected trade marks. All gaming equipment has been acquired officially through authorized distributor of "Novomatic AG".
Field engineers of "Novomatic AG" regularly (not less than once a month) check the condition and operability of the machines, integrity of corresponding locks and seals, meter reading and everything on machines condition. That is why no illegal or unauthorized actions such as unsealing of the box with game card, change of game card, change of game card settings, etc in regard of the machines are possible.
"Novomatic AG" staff implements the online monitoring of all key units of slot machines.
We Give a Chance to Win
Rate of pay back in our machines is 94%, e.g. 94% from the hall benefit is returned to the players in the form of winnings (in legislations of most countries this index is set up to 80%). This kind of rate is reached by regular 5 years exploitation of the machine. As an advantage for given class machines the following can be noted: even if other player occupied the machine which you "fed" during long period hoping to have "pay back" – it doesn't mean he will "break the bank" and doesn't mean that you must "start all over" on other machine. By changing the machine you can regain and win more. Moreover, we can book the machine for you on the period which will be enough to go home, have a rest and back again to the game on your favorite machine.
No human factor influence on the game is possible while playing on machines – it doesn't matter for machine who to play with. Machine does not "fight" with anyone. As a matter of fact it fulfils the generation of random numbers and doesn't care for a big winning.
There is a Jackpot system in the hall that gives you a chance for more winnings.
We Play Enthusiastically
At our hall you can find such popular games as Makelphin's Pearl, Book of Ra, Pharaohs Gold II, Sizzling Hot, Queen of Hearts that have become attractive among the players.
"Novomatic AG" machines are of "no limit" type. This means that they "give" winnings very often and of much quantity. Generators of random numbers built in the machines are so well thought-out and subtle that there is no any possibility to foreseen when this or that machine "gives out" and "takes away" money. No matter there was a winning or a loss during the previous game, a definite program will run guarantying the absolute fortuity of winning combinations, e.g. you gain excitement (success that depends on a chance) in its pure form without any irrelevant influence of external factors (very often regulated by someone).
We make your game convenient, comfortable and safe
Quick service and readiness of our personnel will make your rest comfortable and nice at our casino.
Girl-attendants (hall operators) will answer to any of your questions.
Security of the hall will ensure the observance of the definite dress code and rules of proper behavior among all players. There is a video based inspection system set up in the hall, so you may no worry about your money and other stuff.
Our personnel are regularly trained. Management efficiently follows up and analyzes critical situations and shortages. We organize on-line consultations with our Austrian partners. Marketing research is implemented on a continuing basis. All this is carried out for quick responses to your requests and for eliminating defects.
Free bar and discount flex system at restaurant – are at guests' service. Without leaving your game you can watch sport, concert programs and show of your favorite artist on the plasma panels at our game hall.
Every weak money and valuable prize drawings are held for the guests of the hall.
We are Socially Responsible Company
Notwithstanding the fact that only 18 years-old visitors may be attendants of the casinos in accordance with the regulations of the RA, visitors of our casino must be not less than 21 year-old.
You will ever meet non-sufficient people in our casino who gamble away their last money. Our hall is for self-sufficient people only.
We always remind our players that game is not way to earn money, not an investment activity, etc. Game is a kind of leisure that helps you to relax, forget about your day-to-day problems for a while.
If you think that everything looks like too good to be true-come and check it up.
Give us a chance to present you a GAME.
In addition- we promise to grant you with friendly atmosphere and high spirit!!!!
Always yours,
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